Spira・Spica: スピラ・スピカ (Band) Discography

Spira・Spica Jaburanime
Spira Spica (スピラ・スピカ, Supira Supika) is a Japanese pop rock band from Nara Prefecture which is affiliated with Sacra Music. The band began activities under the name Snowman in 2013, and would perform at various music venues throughout Japan and release several independent singles and albums. They changed to their current name in 2018, and later that year made their major debut under Sacra Music with the release of the single "Start Dash", the title song of which was used as the second ending theme to the anime television series Gundam Build Divers.

Profile :
  • Name : Spira・Spica (スピラ・スピカ)
  • Other Names : スノーマン(旧バンド名)
  • Origin : Prefektur Nara, Jepang
  • Genres : J-Pop
  • Formed : 2013
  • Years Active : 2013 -
  • Label : TOWER RECORDS, Sacra Music

Members :
  • Mikiha (幹葉) (Vocal)
  • Teranishi Yuuji
  • Masuda (ますだ) (Bass)

Old Members :
  • Yamato (drums)



Single Tanggal Rilis View
Start Dash 2018.08.08 Link!
Chiisana Yuuki 2019.03.06 Link!
Koi wa Miracle 2019.05.29 Link!
Iyayo Iyayo mo Suki no Uchi! 2019.08.28 Link!
Re:RISE -e.p.- 2019.10.23 Link!
Re:RISE -e.p.- 2 2020.08.05 Link!



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