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Space Jam (1996) Jaburanime
Sinopsis: Space Jam is a 1996 American live-action/animated sports comedy film directed by Joe Pytka. Starring basketball player Michael Jordan, the film presents a fictionalized account of what happened between Jordan's initial retirement from the NBA in 1993 and his comeback in 1995, in which he is enlisted by the Looney Tunes.

Released theatrically by Warner Bros. Pictures on November 15, 1996, Space Jam received mixed reviews from critics. The film was a box office success, opening at No. 1 in the North American box office and grossing over $230 million worldwide, becoming the highest-grossing basketball film of all time. A sequel, titled Space Jam 2 and starring LeBron James, is scheduled for release on July 16, 2021.

In 1973, a young Michael Jordan tells his father that he wants to go to The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to play in the championship team, then go to the NBA. A compilation of highlights from Jordan's basketball career from his high school years to his years with the Chicago Bulls, is followed by an excerpt from the 1993 press conference in which Jordan announced his retirement from professional basketball, to pursue a career in baseball, in which Jordan is popular, but less skilled.

Meanwhile, in outer space, the amusement park Moron Mountain faces decline. Its owner, Mr. Swackhammer, sends his diminutive minions, the Nerdlucks, to Earth to abduct the Looney Tunes as a new attraction. Upon the Nerdlucks' arrival, Bugs Bunny and the other Looney Tunes take advantage of the Nerdlucks' small stature and challenge them to a game of basketball. Through a cursory course on the definition of basketball, the Nerdlucks learn that the sport's best players are employed by the NBA, and accept the proposal. After stealing the talents of NBA players Charles Barkley, Shawn Bradley, Patrick Ewing, Larry Johnson and Muggsy Bogues, the Nerdlucks transform themselves into the large, muscular and talented Monstars, which prompts Bugs to seek professional aid.

Directed: Joe Pytka
Produced: Joe Medjuck, Daniel Goldberg, Ivan Reitman
Written: Leo Benvenuti, Steve Rudnick, Timothy Harris, Herschel Weingrod
Starring: Michael Jordan, Billy West, Wayne Knight, Theresa Randle, Danny DeVito
Music: James Newton Howard
Cinematography: Michael Chapman
Edited: Sheldon Kahn
Production company: Warner Bros. Pictures
Distributed: Warner Bros. Pictures
Release date: November 15, 1996
Running time: 88 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English

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