The Land Before Time VI: The Secret Of Saurus Rock (1998) Subtitle Indonesia [WEBRip + Softsub]

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The Land Before Time VI: The Secret Of Saurus Rock (1998) Subtitle Indonesia
One night, Littlefoot's grandfather tells the children, the beginning of their world: in the Universe the smoke created the Milky Way Galaxy, and early life on Earth, even a legend about "The Lone Dinosaur", a legendary Longneck who protected the Great Valley from the most ferocious Sharptooth to ever live. During the fight, the Sharptooth was killed and the Lone Dinosaur suffered a scar across his right eye. Soon after the battle, a huge monolith resembling a sauropod with life-sized Sharptooth teeth arranged around his neck came out of the ground during an earthshake. The dinosaurs called it "Saurus Rock". The legend also states that if anyone damages the monolith, bad luck would descend upon the Valley.

The next day, while the children are playing, Littlefoot accidentally falls off a cliff and is saved by a mysterious Diplodocus named Doc. Littlefoot is intrigued by Doc, who is scarred across one eye and displays prior knowledge of the Great Valley's topography. This causes him to assume Doc is the Lone Dinosaur. He tells his friends this, narrating an apparently extemporaneous legend to support his assumption. Inspired, Cera's infant nieces, twins Dinah and Dana, go to Saurus Rock unnoticed. The next day, a worried Cera informs Littlefoot that Dinah and Dana are missing, and the group deduces where they are headed.

Profile :
  • Title: Time VI: The Secret Of Saurus Rock
  • Director: Charles Grosvenor
  • Writer: Libby Hinson, John Loy
  • Producer: Charles Grosvenor
  • Cinematographer: -
  • Date: December 1, 1998
  • Runtime: 76 minutes
  • Production: Universal Cartoon Studios
  • Distributor: Universal Studios Home Video
  • Language: English
  • Country: United States

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  • Subtitle: Indonesia
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